An Air India flight from Milan to New Delhi returned to the airport in Italy within 30 minutes of take-off, after a passenger tried to enter the cockpit. The incident took place on August 2, when the passenger from seat 32C tried to enter the cockpit, violating aviation rules, an unidentified Air India spokesperson said on Saturday.

The aircraft, with over 250 passengers on board, was taken back to Milan airport, where the local police immediately arrested the accused, PTI reported.

“[The] Air India 138 Milan-Delhi flight [was] delayed by 2.37 hours as one unruly passenger Gurpreet Singh tried to enter the cockpit after take-off from Milan on schedule,” an airline statement read. The airline said the pilot decided to dump fuel while on the way back to Milan, to reduce the weight of the plane while landing, NDTV reported.

It is not known if Air India will file a formal complaint against Singh, and put him on the no-fly list pending inquiry. If put on the list, a passenger faces a two-year flying ban.