Bharatiya Janata President President Amit Shah on Saturday once again raised the matter of “illegal immigrants” and attacked the Congress for failing to bring about development as he flagged off Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje’s pre-poll tour. The state is slated to go to the polls later this year.

“Should we have a citizens’ register?” Shah asked the crowd at a rally in Rajsamand district. “Should illegal Bangladeshi immigrants be asked to leave? We want to know what the Congress thinks. Ask Rahul Gandhi this question when he comes to Rajasthan. This is a question of national security.” Congress President Rahul Gandhi is scheduled to visit Rajasthan on August 15.

Shah criticised the Congress for doing “vote bank politics” over the NRC matter. “The Congress never learns,” he said, according to The Indian Express. “…For years, Bangladeshi infiltrators entered the country. The BJP started the work of identifying, investigating them. [The] Congress is opposing NRC because they want their vote bank to remain intact. This is not about vote bank politics but about national security. There is a Supreme Court order and we will ensure it is implemented and they are identified.”

Shah attacked the Congress for question the government. “…Your Rahul baba asks us questions… asks us what has the BJP done,” he said. “Rahul Baba, what hisab do you want of our four years; the people of this country will ask you for the hisab of four generations.”

Shah is likely to dwell on the debate on NRC during the 58-day election tour called ‘Rajasthan Gaurav Yatra’. Unidentified party officials told NDTV that Shah will carry out a “high-decibel campaign” to combat the anti-incumbency wave that Raje’s government is facing. The chief minister, on the other hand, talked about the development done by her government.