A Court of Inquiry has found Indian Army Major Leetul Gogoi guilty of “fraternising” with a resident in Jammu and Kashmir, ANI reported on Monday.

Gogoi was detained on May 23 after he was involved in an altercation at a hotel in Srinagar. He was allegedly trying to check into the hotel with a Kashmir woman, reportedly in violation of Army protocol in a conflict zone. Days later, the Army ordered a Court of Inquiry against Gogoi. A Court of Inquiry is a tribunal instituted to investigate a matter and decide if the accused should be subjected to a court martial.

The Court of Inquiry has issued orders to initiate disciplinary action against Gogoi. It also held him accountable for “being away from his place of duty while in an operational area”, according to ANI.

Gogoi was at the centre of another controversy in April 2017 when he gave orders for a civilian to be tied to the bonnet of an Army vehicle as a human shield against stone-pelters during a bye-election in Srinagar.