India’s wholesale price inflation reduced to 4.53% in August compared to the corresponding month last year, from 5.09% in July, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry said on Friday. The wholesale price inflation had stood at 3.24% in August 2017.

Food articles became cheaper by 4.04% year-on-year in August 2018. The price of pulses dropped by 14.26% since the same month last year, the price of vegetables by 20.18%, onion by 26.80% and fruits by 16.40%. However, potato prices rose 71.89% and crude petroleum 53.47%.

In the fuel and power category, liquefied petroleum gas became more expensive by 46.08%. The price of petrol increased by 16.30% and that of high speed diesel by 19.90%.

In the manufactured goods sector, prices of sugar fell by 11.07%. However, the price of manufacture of basic metals rose by 13.30%.