The Supreme Court on Monday ordered the Uttar Pradesh Police to ensure the safety of Shabnam Rani, who was attacked with acid last week for refusing to accept triple talaq and perform nikah halala, reported Hindustan Times.

The top court said senior superintendent of police of Bulandshahr would be held liable for the safety and security of Rani. She is one of the petitioners in the nikah halala and polygamy case in the Supreme Court.

The court ordered that she may approach the police to escort her if she travels outside the state, reported First Post. The court asked the government to ensure that Rani gets proper care at a government hospital and compensation under schemes for victims of acid attack.

Rani was attacked with acid in Bulandshahr district on Thursday. The attack was allegedly carried out by her brother-in-law and his aides.

In her plea against nikah halala and polygamy, Rani, who was married for eight years, alleged that her husband divorced her through triple talaq. She further accused him of forcing her to perform nikah halala with her brother-in-law when she moved the Supreme Court against the practice.

Muslim men are allowed to have four wives. The practice of “nikah halala” bars a man from remarrying his former wife unless she has married another man, consummated that marriage and divorced him. The woman is also expected to observe a separation period called “iddat” before she reconciles with her first husband.