Ishrat Jahan, one of the key petitioners in the triple talaq case, on Thursday said she may move the Supreme Court against polygamy among Muslim men and for the right of Muslim women to get at least half of their husband’s property in case of divorce, The Indian Express reported.

“People have been ignoring the Supreme Court’s verdict and instant triple talaq had been continuing,” Jahan said at a press conference in Kolkata, West Bengal. “I am happy that the government has approved the ordinance making instant triple talaq an offence. Now, perhaps, people like me will get justice.”

She said “simply stopping” Muslim men from giving instant talaq is not enough and that “the fight does not end here”. “Next I am thinking of filing a petition against polygamy...”

“After divorcing a girl, men move on and remarry but the girl is often left without any money to feed herself and her family,” she said. “I will also put up a legal fight for Muslim girls who get divorced so they get at least half of the husband’s property before being separated. Look at the penury I am living in,” she said on the sidelines of the press conference organised by the Joint Movement Committee that works for protection of Muslim women’s rights.

Jahan said if a marriage does not work, Shariyat or Islamic law has provisions to end it. “There should be a gap of one month between uttering the word ‘talaq’ every time,” she said. “Talaq has been misused and given its instant form.”

Jahan was one of the five women to challenge the practice of triple talaq before the Supreme Court, which the court struck down calling it unconstitutional. Her husband had divorced her over the phone from Dubai in 2014 by uttering “talaq” three times.

In January, she joined the Bharatiya Janata Party.