Search engine Google last week tweaked the privacy policy of its Indian mobile payments app after Paytm complained that the platform allowed disclosure of customer data for advertising and other purposes. Paytm had filed a complaint against Google Pay with the National Payments Corporation of India alleging that the payment platform was violating guidelines.

Google’s privacy policy had previously said that it could collect, store, use, and/or disclose personal data, and “any communications made through Google Pay”, Reuters reported. However, the company has now dropped the word “disclose” from its privacy clause.

But Google told Reuters that the change was made “to make it easier for customers to understand the monetisation and data use policy”. “These changes are done from time to time and are based on product features and development,” a Google spokesperson said without mentioning Paytm’s complaint.

The Reserve Bank of India has given all payment system operators in India until October 15 to ensure that transaction data is stored within the country. Google has agreed to store data from its digital payment service locally but has sought more time from the Indian government.