The Uttar Pradesh Police on Thursday booked 10 activists for allegedly abducting the family members of one of the suspected men killed in an encounter last week in Aligarh district, reported PTI. Among those booked are student leaders of the Aligarh Muslim University and the Jawaharlal Nehru University.

On September 20, the state police shot dead two suspected men under a media glare. According to reports, journalists were “formally invited” and allowed to film the encounter. The two, identified as Naushad and Mustakeem, were accused of murdering six persons, including two Hindu priests. Five others were also arrested last week for their involvement in the six murders.

Atrauli Police Station House Officer Pervaish Rana said Mustakeem’s wife Hina filed the complaint after which a case was registered on Thursday. The activists have been charged with abducting Mustakeem’s mother Shabana and grandmother Rafiquan.

Those named in the police complaint include activists of the “United Against Hate” forum, which includes former presidents of Aligarh Muslim University’s Student Union Masqoor Usmani and Faizul Hasan, said Rana. Although JNU student leader Umar Khalid was allegedly a part of the group, he has not been named in the police complaint.

The group of activists visited Mustakeem’s house on Thursday and promised his family legal aid, said Hasan. Afterwards, they went to the Atrauli police station as the police were allegedly harassing Mustakeem’s family.

While they were talking to Rana, a few leaders of local Hindutva groups reportedly arrived and tried to force them to leave. Both groups got into an argument, forcing the police to intervene. Later, the activists, along with Shabana and Rafiquan, left for New Delhi.

According to the police, the two criminals were involved in many murders and would change their locations after committing crimes in Atrauli, Harduaganj, and Pali Mukeempur.