The website of The Indian Express came back online on Tuesday afternoon, several hours after it became inaccessible to users on some networks. Some users had complained of not being able to access the website since Monday evening.

On Tuesday afternoon, the newspaper said its web host had blocked access without alerting the company, based on a complaint it claimed to have received from the Mumbai Police’s Crime Branch. Police, however, told the company it had not asked the host to block the domain, said Durga Raghunath, the chief executive officer of the daily’s digital wing.

The website suffered the outage across the networks of Airtel and Vodafone, Raghunath said. She said the crime branch coordinated with the web host, net4, to get the necessary approval “to get the site back up, [and] we are in the process of doing this now”.

Minutes later, The Indian Express tweeted it was back online.

During the outage, the newspaper published a copy of its lead front page story of the day on its Medium page.