Two people died and at least 14 people were injured in a stampede at Santragachhi Junction railway station in West Bengal’s Howrah district on Tuesday, PTI reported. Passengers rushed towards railway platforms when three trains arrived at the junction at 6.30 pm, causing a stampede on a foot over bridge.

The stampede took place between platform numbers two and three, PTI quoted South Eastern Railway spokesperson Sanjay Ghosh as saying. The Nagarcoil-Shalimar Express and two local trains had arrived at the station, while the Shalimar-Visakhapatnam Express and the Santragachi-Chennai Express were scheduled to arrive soon after, Ghosh added.

Eleven people were taken to Howrah General Hospital for treatment while three others were administered first aid at the station.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee announced a compensation of Rs 5 lakh compensation to the family of the deceased and Rs one lakh to each of the injured. “Another unfortunate incident on railways today,” Banerjee said on Twitter. “Sadly, too many such tragedies are happening like this even during festive season, including Amritsar. Railways are the lifeline of our nation. Safety of rail passengers must be taken care of at all times.”

Banerjee blamed the negligence and callousness on part of the Railways for the accident. “I feel there is a gap in coordination and Railways should look into it, they should have given some time gap between the arrival of two trains when the passengers have to change platforms,” she said, according to PTI, “Such situations occur due to negligence and callousness. Railways should act in a more responsible way. Safety and security cannot be compromised.”

She said her government will hold an administrative inquiry.