Central Industrial Security Force personnel took a passenger off a Jet Airways flight and arrested him at the Kolkata airport on Monday after he put up a social media post from the aircraft that allegedly contained the word “terrorist”, the Hindustan Times reported.

The man, identified as Yog Vedan Poddar, is said to be in his 20s. He reportedly covered his face with a handkerchief and clicked a picture, captioning it: “Terrorist on flight, I destroy women’s hearts”.

The plane, which was destined for Mumbai, was taxing on the runway to take off at 8.15 am when a passenger saw Poddar post the photo and noticed the words “terrorist” and “destroy”, NDTV reported. The passenger informed the crew of the flight, who then contacted the air traffic control.

When the crew asked to see Poddar’s phone, he refused to show it to them,unidentified police officers at the airport told the Hindustan Times. “Then, the CISF personnel found that he indeed made the post, where he took a selfie with his face covered and wrote those words,” a police official told the newspaper. “We are now checking his antecedents.”

Poddar was later taken to the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport police station for questioning.

Poddar is a resident of Beliaghata in East Kolkata. His father Nirmal Poddar said his son was simply “indulging in a prank” with his friends.