Senior advocate Ram Jethmalani and the Bharatiya Janata Party on Thursday filed a joint plea in Delhi’s Patiala House Court to withdraw the suit filed by the prominent lawyer against his expulsion from the party, ANI reported. The development follows reports about the party’s “expression of sincere regret” at his expulsion in 2013 and his acceptance of the apology.

Jethmalani, known for appearing as lawyer in high-profile cases, was expelled from the saffron party for criticising the leadership. In 2015, he made a dramatic declaration on Twitter telling Prime Minister Narendra Modi, “My diminishing respect for you ends now.”

BJP’s General Secretary Bhupendra Yadav issued a statement announcing his meeting with Jethmalani and BJP National President Amit Shah. Yadav said the two BJP leaders acknowledged Jethmalani’s contribution to the party since his days as founding vice president. “The parties have amicably resolved all issues,” the statement said.

The lawyer had asked the court to declare his expulsion null and void and sought damages of Rs 50 lakh from the party. In July, an additional district judge had directed the BJP to pay the lawyer Rs 25,000 as costs after its MP Bhupender Yadav expressed his inability to appear as a witness in the case. The suit had claimed that the party’s disciplinary body, and not its parliamentary board, had the power to expel members.

Since his expulsion, Jethmalani has continued to criticise the Modi government’s policies.