Food delivery company Zomato fired a delivery person on Monday, after a video showing him eating food from packages before delivering them began circulating on social media on Sunday night.

The person in the video is a delivery partner on our fleet,” Zomato said in a statement released on its blog. “We have spoken to him at length –- and while we understand that this was a human error in judgement, have taken him off the platform.”

Zomato said that the video had been shot in Madurai. It shows a man wearing a Zomato t-shirt sitting on a parked scooter and pulling out sealed food packets from a Zomato delivery bag. The video shows him eating small portions of food from each packet before re-sealing them and putting them back in the delivery bag.

Zomato is one of India’s biggest app-based food delivery companies. It has described the Madurai incident as a “highly unusual and rare case” but insists it has a “zero-tolerance policy” on food tampering.

The company says it will introduce “tamper-proof tapes and other precautionary measures” to prevent such incidents from recurring.