A leopard on Friday entered a residential locality in Maharashtra’s Nashik district and injured three people before it was captured by officials.

Officials said the leopard strayed into Savarkar Nagar area in the early hours of Friday and was caught by the Forest Department around 10.45 am. “Local Shiv Sena corporator Santosh Gaikwad, television news channel cameramen Tabrez Shaikh and Kapil Bhaskar were injured by the leopard,” an unidentified official from Gangapur Road police station told PTI. “They are undergoing treatment at a nearby hospital.”

Gaikwad was trying to control the large number of people assembled in the area, while the media personnel were trying to record footage of the leopard when it pounced on them, the official said.

The leopard may have strayed into the locality from the farms and forested patches in Chandshi area nearby, an official said. Forest department officials said the leopard will be released in the wild.