Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath on Tuesday reinstated a government school teacher who was suspended for an objectionable post on social media against Congress President Rahul Gandhi, reported The Times of India.

Nath, in a statement, said the suspension of the teacher, Baleshwar Patidar, in Ratlam district was “improper” and “contrary to the perception of Rahul Gandhi”.

“Rahul Gandhi has pardoned all the opponents who criticised him and made objectionable remarks against him,” Nath said in the statement, according to NDTV. “He [Gandhi] maintains that he grows stronger and more confident when criticised,” Nath added, according to PTI.

On January 12, Nath had revoked the Jabalpur district administration’s order to suspend a school principal, Mukesh Tiwari, who had called him a “daaku” (dacoit). “The memory that I forgave a government primary school headmaster of Jabalpur for posting an objectionable comment calling me [a] daaku on social media struck me,” Nath said. “So I thought it won’t be fair that a teacher should be punished for his statement in social media against Rahul ji as the [disciplinary] action was contrary to our leader’s way of looking at things.”

The chief minister said that freedom of expression “does not mean that people insult and disrespect others” and that one should maintain the limits of dignity and honour.