Goa’s revenue surplus is estimated to rise to Rs 445.10 crore in 2019-’20 from Rs 144 crore in 2018-’19, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar told the state Assembly on Wednesday.

This was one of the rare public appearances made by Parrikar in the recent past. He is suffering from pancreatic cancer. He had assistants by his side for support as he read out his Budget speech.

Parrikar, who holds the finance portfolio, said that according to the Economic Survey presented in the Assembly, the state would grow 10% in the coming year – from a gross state domestic product of Rs 77,171 crore in 2018-’19 to Rs 84,888 crore in 2019-’20, The Times of India reported.

During the year, the public debt receipts are estimated at Rs 2,432.88 crore, resulting in a fiscal deficit of Rs 1,418.65 crore. The primary deficit is estimated at Rs 2,930.97 crore, Parrikar added.

The state share of central taxes for the year 2019-’20 is estimated at Rs 3,336.47 crore as against Rs 2,979 crore estimated for the previous year, representing an increase of 12%. the chief minister said. He added that allocation for capital account expenditure has been increased by 18.29%, compared to the budget estimate of 4,216.25 crore for the previous year.

The chief minister said his government has continued to lay stress and thrust on agriculture, education, health, information technology, employment and the overall sustainable economic development of the state.

During his speech, Parrikar quoted a line from the Hindi film Uri. “Today, once again I promise that I will serve Goa with sincerity, integrity, and dedication until my last breath,” he said. “There is a josh that is too high, and I am fully in hosh.”