Former chief of Research and Analysis Wing, Vikram Sood, on Sunday said terror attacks like the one in Jammu and Kashmir’s Pulwama do not take place without a lapse in security, ANI reported.

“I have no idea what actually went wrong, but this kind of incident does not take place without a security lapse somewhere,” he said on the sidelines of a seminar in Hyderabad.

Sood said a group was behind the attack and not a single person. “Obviously, there was just more than one man involved,” PTI quoted him as saying. “There would have been the guy who brought the explosives. Someone put it together. Somebody got the car. They have knowledge about the [CRPF] vehicles’ movement... There must have been a group of people who did this and this person [who was driving the explosive-laden vehicle] was selected, motivated to do it,” he said.

When asked about India’s response, Sood said: “It’s not a boxing match...punch for punch won’t do.” Quoting Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Sood said the security forces would choose the timing and the place.

On China refusing to back India’s appeal at the United Nations to designate Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Masood Azhar a global terrorist, Sood said: “China is playing to Pakistan’s requests... China is the only safeguard for them in UN when it comes to having Masood Azhar declared a terrorist.”

Sood claimed China favoured Pakistan because it harboured apprehensions that Islamic outfits in Xinjiang province may maintain links with terrorists in Pakistan. “So, it is a quid-pro-quo. China will do this for Pakistan...Pakistan will make sure that terrorists don’t give them trouble in Xinjiang.”

On a national policy for Kashmir, Sood said there needs to be an “Indian approach” and not a “party approach”.

On India-Pakistan ties, Sood said: “No amount of peace talks, no amount of concessions, and ‘bada bhai business’ is going to help, they [Pakistan] are not interested and they don’t want them. They want us down and out. We have to frame a policy that takes that into account”.