The Ministry of Civil Aviation has requested private airlines flying on domestic routes to give their passengers a letter from the Centre listing the “achievements and initiatives” of the ministry, reports said.

The letter to the airline reads: “I am directed to forward a letter from the honourable Minister of Civil Aviation [Suresh Prabhu] and to request you to forward to all the passengers travelling in your airline.” It also asks private firms to inform the ministry about the number of letters shared with passengers on a daily basis.

The note meant for distribution, written by Minister of Civil Aviation Suresh Prabhu, reportedly claims that the current administration has transformed the aviation sector. “Under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the country has made tremendous progress in all areas of economic development,” PTI quoted from the letter on Friday. “We have thoroughly transformed the aviation sector due to which India has emerged as the fastest growing aviation market.”

The ministry’s letter also promises “massive investment for the development of airports in next five years” and “six waterdromes”.

Unidentified officials at private airlines told Business Standard that the firms are not bound to do this. “Many of our flyers may not like to see such message too,” the newspaper quoted an unidentified official as saying on Friday. “When our flyers agree to share their e-mail or phone number it is with confidence that they will not be bombarded with unwanted messages.”