Two Bharatiya Janata Party legislators from Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday beat each other up with shoes during an official meeting in Sant Kabir Nagar district.

The fight broke out after Sant Kabir Nagar’s BJP MP Sharad Tripathi demanded to know why his name was not included on the foundation stone for a road, NDTV reported. Menhdawal MLA Rakesh Singh Baghel responded that he had decided not to use the name. An argument followed, during which Baghel told Tripathi to ask questions “to his shoe”.

A video of the incident showed Tripathi then beating Baghel up with his shoes, to which Baghel eventually retaliated in the same manner. The two legislators also hurled abuses at each other. As the meeting descended into chaos, some attendees were seen shooting videos of the fight. Police officers present at the meeting finally stopped the brawl.

Baghel and his supporters later protested against Tripathi outside Sant Kabir Nagar District Magistrate Raveesh Gupta’s office, ANI reported. They demanded that Tripathi be arrested.

Uttar Pradesh BJP President MN Pandey described the incident as “condemnable” and said the party has taken cognisance of it. He added that both Tripathi and Baghel have been summoned to Lucknow. “Strict disciplinary action will be taken,” Pandey said.