Wholesale prices in India rose to 2.93% in February from 2.6% in January on the back of increasing prices of primary articles, fuel and power, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry said in a statement on Thursday. January had recorded the lowest rate of inflation in 10 months.

In February 2018 too, Wholesale Price Index-based inflation had risen by 0.33%, the ministry said.

The wholesale prices of primary articles, which include food articles, rose to 4.84% in February as against 3.54% in the month before that. Wholesale-based price inflation for fuel and power increased to 2.23% in February this year as against 1.85% in January.

India calculates two inflation rates, one based on retail prices and the other on wholesale prices. In February, retail inflation rose to 2.57% on the back of higher prices of food and fuel.