India was ranked at 140 on the United Nation’s latest World Happiness Report that gauged 156 countries, a decline of seven spots from the last edition of the survey. India was also among the five countries that experienced the highest decline since 2005-2008 in the index.

Finland topped the list for the second consecutive year, followed by Denmark and Norway. South Sudan was ranked at the bottom of the index.

The report said the countries which had suffered such a decline had some combination of economic, political, and social stresses. The study based its findings on individuals’ assessment of their lives in relation to the Gross Domestic Product per capita income, social support, healthy life expectancy, freedom, generosity and absence of corruption.

Meanwhile, India’s South Asian neighbours ranked higher with Pakistan pegged at 67, Bhutan at 95, Bangladesh at 125 and Sri Lanka at 130.

The report said the large gaps in happiness between countries will continue to create pressure to migrate.