Bharatiya Janata Party National General Secretary Ram Madhav on Sunday claimed that the Congress party was banking on Pakistan to win the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, and that the Opposition party might win the polls held in the neighbouring country.

“Their comments are more retweeted and publicised by the people of the neighbouring country than our own,” said Madhav, according to PTI. “The Congress might win an election in Pakistan if it contests from there. This is the condition of our main opposition party. The Congress does not have any issue to really take on our government, our leader and our party. It is banking on lies and Pakistan.”

Madhav said the Congress’ agenda was not clear. “Nobody in the country is understanding what it wants to say and in which direction it wants to take the country,” he said. “The people are also not understanding if the Congress is fighting for India or Pakistan.”

Madhav said the Congress leaders have raised questions about the credentials of the Indian Army and have made “derogatory remarks”. Congress leader Sam Pitroda had questioned the toll in the Balakot air strike and the Indian government’s response to the Pulwama terror attack.

When asked about the allegations against former Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa of paying a bribe of Rs 1,800 crore to top BJP leaders, Madhav said, “It is bogus news...the Congress has no issue today to confront us and it is only banking on lies.”

The BJP leader said there is a “Modi wave” in the country and the BJP and its allies will win more seats in the upcoming elections than what they secured in 2014. “The picture is clear that there is a Modi wave in the country,” he said, according to ANI. “Conventional political wisdom says that there cannot be a wave in favour of the ruling party as the wave is always created by the opposition. However, Narendra Modi is one person who has broken the convention several times in the past.”