Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday criticised the Opposition, saying they speak the language of terrorists. Modi was in Aalo in Arunachal Pradesh, addressing the first of his three public meetings of the day in the North East.

Modi said Opposition leaders have no one in India but Pakistan has been singing their praises. “When India achieved the surgical strike, these leaders’ faces fell... When our scientists stun the world, they find reasons to make fun of them,” he said. “They speak the same language of the terrorists.”

The prime minister alleged Congress colluded with the corrupt whenever they were in power. He said the party’s leaders steal income tax, farmers’ land and acquire properties by brokering defence deals.

“This is the difference between five years of service and 55 years of ruling,” Modi said. “Their [Congress] government in Delhi or in any state, the Congress has always colluded with the corruption.”

Modi said Congress and its leaders have been blinded by their love for Pakistan, to the point that they don’t see the North East or India anymore. “Their statements are being flashed in Pakistan,” he said, according to Hindustan Times.

Modi said: “I believe youth of Arunachal Pradesh, I am sure NDA government at both the Centre and the state will act as a double engine of growth for the state.”

He said other prime ministers had not visited Aalo in 30 years. “...But in BJP’s rule, prime minister has visited North East over 30 times within five years,” Modi said. The prime minister said over the next five years, he hoped to develop the North East for the coming 25 years.

Later, speaking in Assam, Modi said his government is committed to the Assam Accord and is considering granting the Scheduled Tribe status to six communities in the state.

“We have made efforts to protect the people of Assam, its culture and interests,” he said, according to PTI. “The way you have supported me, blessed me, it has boosted my confidence to do better work for the underprivileged, poor and the tribal population. Barring the Congress and the terrorists, everybody is happy with the BJP government.”

General Elections begin on April 11 and will be held in seven phases until May 19. Votes will be counted on May 23.