Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath on Monday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked about the country’s security forces because he was unable to speak about the last five years of his government, ANI reported.

Speaking at a rally in Ratlam, the Congress leader said: “Modi ji talks about national security. Modiji, you didn’t even know how to wear your pants and pyjamas when Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi built the country’s Army.”

Nath also said that heinous attacks have occurred under the Bharatiya Janata Party government and asked Modi to apologise for the Pulwama attack. “I was there when the Parliament attack happened. Whose government was there [at the Centre]? When Kargil happened, whose government was there [at the Centre]?” Nath said at the rally. “Now, the terror attack occurred in Pulwama under the Modi government.”

Modi has been drawing flak from political parties for repeatedly talking about the Indian Army during his campaign. On Sunday, Modi said that the Indian Army cannot wait for the Election Commission’s permission to shoot terrorists. “They [the terrorists] were standing in front [of the soldiers] with bombs and guns,” he said at a rally in Uttar Pradesh’s Kushinagar town, NDTV reported. “Would my jawans go to the Election Commission to ask for permission to shoot?”

On Sunday, in an interview to News Nation, Modi claimed to have given the go-ahead to the Indian Air Force for the airstrikes on February 26 despite the bad weather. Modi said that he came up with the idea that “the clouds could actually help our planes escape the radars” which even the country’s pundits couldn’t figure out. Experts, however, noted on social media that his observation had no scientific basis.