A 27-year-old gym instructor, popular for his posts on TikTok and Instagram, was shot dead in Najafgarh area in Delhi on Tuesday, IANS reported. A murder case has been filed at the Najafgarh police station, but no arrests have been made so far.

Three unidentified men shot dead Mohit Mor when he had gone to meet a friend at a photocopy shop near his home. “When Mohit Mor was speaking with his friend inside the shop, three armed persons barged inside the shop and indiscriminately fired 13 bullets on him,” an unidentified police officer told IANS. “Mohit Mor fell on a sofa kept inside the shop. He was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was declared brought dead. Mohit Mor suffered seven bullets.”

The police said that CCTV camera footage showed the three accused leaving the spot. “All the three accused, one of them wearing a black helmet, had come on a scooty,” said a police officer. “They were seen in CCTV footage running away from the busy narrow street after the crime.”

Police said they were trying to identify the accused. “Prima facie, it appears a case of personal enmity and a money dispute,” the officer added.

Mor had over five lakh subscribers on TikTok and 3,000 followers on Instagram. He used to upload his fitness videos on the two apps. “We are checking his TikTok and Instagram accounts comments and call details record to establish his enmity with anyone on social media that may help us to crack the case,” said the police.

Mor hailed from Bahadurgarh in Haryana, reported the Hindustan Times. He is survived by his mother and brother.

The murder comes two days after a gang war in Dwarka. Two alleged criminals were gunned down in the shootout on Sunday. However, Dwarka Deputy Commissioner of Police Anto Alphonse ruled out any link between Mor’s murder and the gang war. “Mor did not have any criminal cases against him,” Alphonse said, according to Hindustan Times.