The Congress’ social media manager Divya Spandana appeared to have deleted her account on Twitter on Sunday, two days after she had congratulated Nirmala Sitharaman on being given the post of finance minister. While her Instagram account also appeared to have been deleted, she is still active on Facebook.

Senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader Sitharaman is the first woman to head the ministry full-time. She was also the first woman to be a full-time defence minister. The Congress’ Indira Gandhi had led both ministries while she was prime minister.

Divya Spandana’s last tweet read: “Congratulations @nsitharaman on taking charge of a portfolio that was only last held by another woman, Indira Gandhiji in 1970 - makes us womenfolk proud! The GDP not looking great, I’m sure you will do your best to revive the economy. You have our support. Best wishes.”

There is no official confirmation on whether the Congress has sacked her from her position. When asked earlier about rumours that she was let go, ANI had quoted Divya Spandana as saying, “Your source is wrong”.

Ahead of the General Elections, Spandana had gained a lot of attention for her caustic tweets about the ruling BJP, and supporters of the saffron party had often taken umbrage to a lot of her remarks.

The Congress has won just 52 of 543 seats nationally, and had announced that it would not send party representatives for television debates over the next month.