Mumbai sees the worst traffic jams in the world, according to a new study detailing the traffic situation in 403 cities in 56 countries. Delhi took the fourth spot on the list of cities with most congested traffic, after Bogota in Colombia and Lima in Peru. Russian capital Moscow was ranked fifth.

“Mumbai takes the top spot this year with drivers in the Indian city expecting to spend an average of 65% extra travel time stuck in traffic,” the study said. It was released on Tuesday by location technology specialist TomTom.

Traffic congestion has increased globally during the last decade, it said. This is first time in 10 years that the GPS-based study has factored in traffic congestion levels in India, The Times of India reported. But only two Indian cities were covered in the study.

According to the study, the congestion level in Mumbai in 2018 decreased by 1% since 2017. The city faced the most traffic jams on August 21, 2018, with 111% congestion, while the lowest congestion was recorded on March 2, 2018.

Meanwhile, in Delhi, congestion level reduced by 4% in 2018, the report said. March 2, 2018, was also the day in Delhi when the lowest congestion was recorded, while August 8, 2018, was when the highest congestion, at 83%, was recorded.

Credit: The TomTom Traffic Index

“Globally, traffic congestion is rising. And that’s both good, and bad, news,” Ralf-Peter Schaefer, TomTom’s vice president of traffic information, said. “It’s good because it indicates a strong global economy, but the flip side is drivers wasting time sitting in traffic, not to mention the huge environmental impact.”

Barbara Belpaire, general manager at TomTom India, told The Times of India that instilling a mass transport culture and creating awareness for doing away with private transport should be the approach to ensure sustainable solutions.