A funny tweet in which the Assam Police announced the seizure of a large quantity of cannabis went viral on Tuesday, prompting amused reactions from Twitter users.

“Anyone lost a huge (590 kgs) amount of Cannabis/Ganja and a truck in and around Chagolia Checkpoint last night?” the police tweeted. “Don’t panic, we found it. Please get in touch with Dhubri Police. They will help you out, for sure. Great job Team Dhubri!”

The tweet was pinned by the Assam Police handle to its account. While some users found the tweet hilarious, others simply praised the police for doing their job. One user wisely remarked that the claimants would have appeared had the police not mentioned the contents of the packets they had found.

By 6.30 pm on Wednesday, the post had been retweeted over 6,400 times, and liked by over 18,200 users.