Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said that environmental problems would not get the attention they deserve unless they are treated as political issues. Gandhi expressed concern about the degrading condition of the environment in a Facebook post on the occasion of World Environment Day.

The Congress president also said that the reason for the acceleration in environmental destruction is humans’ “insatiable lust for power and wealth”. “We’re at a tipping point, from which if we don’t reverse the environmental degradation we are causing, there may be no turning back,” he wrote.

Gandhi pointed out that there is enough scientific evidence to support the environmental degradation that has been caused. “Millions of Indians are suffering and even dying as a direct consequence of environmental degradation and the unwillingness of our Government to address these issues on a war footing,” Gandhi wrote.

The Congress chief also tried to bust theories that global warming may be a hoax. He said that the polluted cities in India where citizens are struggling to breathe are proof that global warming is not a myth.