The headless body of a woman was found on Wednesday evening around a kilometre away from the Kamakhya temple in Guwahati, Assam, reported The Indian Express. Police are investigating if it is a case of human sacrifice.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Guwahati West) KK Chowdhury said an earthen lamp and pot were found near the body, suggesting a religious ritual. “Prima facie it appears that it could be a case of human sacrifice and we are investigating that angle,” Chowdhury told The Indian Express. “We have sent police teams to all prominent cremation grounds in Guwahati to check if someone carrying a head has been seen. The hunt for the killer is on.” Chowdhury said the police suspect that the killer might go to a cremation ground with the head to perform rituals.

The incident comes just three days ahead of the annual Ambubachi Mela which begins on Saturday. The Ambubachi Mela celebrates the menstruation period of Goddess Kamakhya and is popular among the tantrik cult, according to The Indian Express.

Chowdhury said the police received information around 5.30 pm on Wednesday about a body on a staircase leading up to the Kamakhya temple, according to Hindustan Times. Police said there were no marks of struggle or injury on the body. “It is likely that the killer may have sedated the victim before killing her,” said Chowdhury.