The autopsy report of the Class 10 student who was found dead at her school in Kolkata has found that she committed suicide, News18 reported on Saturday. The cause of her death was asphyxiation, the report concluded.

The student had been found with her wrists slashed inside the washroom of GD Birla School on Friday. A blade was also found near her.

A suicide note that the investigators found revealed that the girl was facing acute depression and trauma. “We are examining her mobile phone call records and email IDs to get some clues on why she took the extreme step,” one of the investigators told News18.

The investigation into the child’s death said that she had suicidal tendencies and had tried to kill herself in an earlier instance.

“The girl’s mother has told school authorities that earlier, too, her daughter had tried to take her own life by slashing her arms,” West Bengal Commission for Protection of Child Rights Chairperson Ananya Chatterjee Chakraborty said. “The matter seemed to have come to an end after she was counselled.”

However, Chakraborty added: “I think the mother should have informed the school authorities that her daughter had suicidal tendencies. This could have saved her life. It is a very unfortunate incident and I don’t have words to express it.”

The police said they were trying to find out the identity of the persons the girl had addressed in her suicide note. “Her parents are in a state of shock and we could not examine them,” an unidentified police officer said. “We will soon request them to join the investigation.”

Joint Commissioner of Police Muralidhar Sharma visited the school on Friday to examine the site and question the authorities and the girl’s parents. Sharma said the student had left her class around 1.30 pm to go to the washroom. After the teacher noticed her absence for an hour, school authorities started looking for and came across her dead body.

In December 2017, two physical training instructors of the same school had been accused of raping a four-year-old girl. The incident had triggered mass protests among parents.