A homeguard jawan on Monday was dragged for about 200 metres on the bonnet of a vehicle belonging to a Bharatiya Janata Party leader after he tried to stop the car for driving on the wrong side of a road in Haryana’s Rewari city, PTI reported.

BJP leader Satish Khola, who was in the vehicle when the incident happened, claimed there was no “intention to do anything deliberately”.

In a video doing the rounds on social media, the homeguard jawan, Monu Yadav, is seen sitting on the car’s bonnet as the driver stops the vehicle. Yadav said he tried to stop the car after he saw it was violating traffic rules. “But the driver said that this is Satish Khola’s car,” ANI quoted Yadav as saying. “They slapped me when I said that they were on the wrong side.” Yadav was not injured in the incident.

Khola’s driver admitted he was driving on the wrong side of the road. “I was trying to stop the vehicle on one side, but he clung on and I immediately brought the vehicle to a halt,” he added.

Khola is the coordinator of the BJP’s Professional Cell at present, and has previously served as the chief of a district unit of the saffron party. “The railway crossing here was closed for nearly 25 minutes,” PTI quoted him as saying. “There was a huge rush of vehicles. As my driver was signalled to stop, he tried to find a spot to park on one side as it was causing massive traffic jam. I express regret if anyone had to face trouble.”

In the video, Khola is seen attempting to pacify an angry crowd that was asking for his driver. The BJP leader called the police to control the situation.