France on Friday recorded an all-time high temperature of 45.8°C on Friday, BBC reported. The temperature was recorded in the southern town of Gallargues-le-Montueux.

The previous high temperature recorded in the country was 44.1°C in 2003, during a heatwave that killed thousands. On Friday, French Health Minister Agnès Buzyn said “everyone is at risk”.

Earlier in the day, a temperature of 45.1°C was recorded in Villevieille town, in southern France, Reuters reported quoting weather forecaster Meteo France. The weather department has issued a red alert for four areas in southern France, as well as an orange alert for most of the rest of the country.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said that one person was drowning every day in France, warning that the extreme temperatures were making people “take risks”.

On Thursday, a 33-year-old roofer died after being taken ill as he worked on a building site in Rennes, where a temperature of 35°C was recorded at the time. A six-year-old Syrian child is in critical condition after being thrown in the air by a water jet from a fire hydrant that residents in Saint Denis had opened.

Several countries in Europe are experiencing high temperatures this year, BBC reported. Germany, France, Poland and the Czech Republic have all recorded their highest-ever June temperatures.

In Spain, eight provinces are on red alert, and temperatures are expected to soar above 42°C. Two people have died of suspected heatstroke in the country.

The Italian health ministry reported heat at emergency levels in 16 cities. In the United Kingdom, a 12-year-old girl drowned in River Irwell in Greater Manchester. Following this, the police warned people against cooling off in rivers and lakes.