Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday invited G20 member countries to join a global coalition on disaster resilience, saying disasters hit the poor the most, PTI reported. Modi was speaking at a session of the G20 summit in the Japanese city of Osaka.

“Disaster resilient infrastructure is required not only for development, but it is also necessary to combat natural calamities,” Modi said at the session on Quality Infrastructure Investment and Development Cooperation. “In this regard I stressed upon the need of an international coalition in the G20 conference of Buenos Aires [in 2018].”

Modi invited the G20 countries to join the International Coalition on Disaster Resilient Infrastructure to share their experience and expertise. The G20 summit concluded on Saturday.

“Disasters, natural or manmade, require quick and effective remedial measures,” Modi said on Twitter. “They invariably affect the poor the most...Let us close ranks for a safer planet.”

Modi also emphasised on healthcare, including India’s traditional healing measures, yoga and Ayushman Bharat, his government’s health insurance scheme.

Earlier in the day, Modi met the leaders of Indonesia, Brazil, Australia and Turkey to discuss bilateral matters.