A tigress and her two cubs were found dead in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra on Monday morning, PTI reported. Authorities have ordered an inquiry to find the cause of their death.

Chief Conservator of Forest SV Rama Rao said the three carcasses were found near a drain in Metepur village under the Chimur forest range.

A partly-eaten carcass of a spotted deer was also found nearby. The deer was suspected to have been poisoned to death with an intent to kill trespassing carnivores, The Indian Express reported.

Rama Rao said there were no signs of electrocution according to preliminary information. “So, we suspect it could be poisoning,” he told The Indian Express. “We are yet to fully figure out facts.”

The Brahmapuri division, where the incident was reported from, has about 42 tigers and 83 leopards – the largest number for a non-protected area, according to the newspaper. This even leads to human-animal conflict.