A 55-year-old man was arrested in Mumbai on Monday for allegedly stabbing his daughter to death. The man, Rajkumar Chaurasiya, was upset with her marriage to a man she was in love with for over four years, PTI reported.

Late on Saturday, 20-year-old Meenakshi had gone to an isolated location in Ghatkopar where her father had called her on the pretext of giving her money to buy clothes, Deputy Commissioner of Police Akhilesh Kumar Singh said. However, her father allegedly stabbed her multiple times on a footpath there and escaped, The Indian Express reported.

Meenakshi was found in a pool of blood on the footpath the next day with a slit throat and serious stab wounds, the Hindustan Times reported. She was murdered months after she eloped with Brijesh Chaurasiya, who hails from the same village as her in Uttar Pradesh, and married him in Satna, Madhya Pradesh. The couple then returned to Mumbai, where the man runs a shop.

“The father had fixed Meenakshi’s wedding to another man in March, and printed invitation cards,” Akhilesh Kumar Singh said. “However, Meenakshi refused to get married and eloped with Brijesh instead.”

“For Rajkumar, Meenakshi’s marriage had brought shame to his family as villagers taunted him about his daughter not obeying him,” the newspaper quoted an unidentified official as saying. “The father also suspected that Meenakshi got pregnant before she got married, and feared that this would become a topic of gossip for the rest of their village.”

After allegedly killing her, the father had even gone to police with his son-in-law to file a complaint. However, he confessed to the murder during interrogation.