A mob vandalised a madrasa at Behta village in Fatehpur district of Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday following allegations that beef was found in the area, The Indian Express reported.

Sub-Inspector Uma Shankar Yadav of Bindki police station said around 50 people had demolished the boundary wall of the madrasa and set the building on fire, according to the Hindustan Times.

The police filed two first information reports – one for the alleged cow slaughter and another for the attack on the madrasa. The first FIR, filed under the Uttar Pradesh Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act, named Mushtaq, a resident of Behta village who is currently on the run. The second FIR was filed against 60 unidentified people in connection with the violence.

Superintendent of Police Ramesh said cow skin and intestine were found from Mushtaq’s backyard. On Tuesday morning, more meat and two legs of an animal were recovered from a pond behind the village primary school, Ramesh said. “A veterinary doctor was also called to test the meat,” Ramesh said. “The doctor confirmed that it was beef. While we were at the pond site burying the meat and the body parts, we received information that more meat with a calf head had been recovered from a local madrasa situated close to Mushtaq’s house. Villagers started gathering there and soon they turned violent.”

Ramesh said the mob hurled stones at the madrasa and pulled down its boundary wall.

Fatehpur District Magistrate Sanjeev Singh said the madrasa that was attacked was not registered with the Madrasa Board and was run by a local trust. Singh said classes were not being held at the madrasa for the past three days.

Ramesh said the cow could not have been slaughtered by one person and the police were trying to identify others who may have been involved. Police and Provincial Armed Constabulary personnel were deployed in the village to maintain law and order, PTI reported.