The government on Monday said flat owners who pay more than Rs 7,500 monthly maintenance fees to resident welfare associations, or RWAs, would be charged 18% Goods and Services Tax, PTI reported.

The tax will be charged for each flat and not for each member. So, those with more than one property in the same housing society will be eligible for an exemption separately in each flat. The residents’ associations will have to collect the tax if their annual turnover through supply of services and goods exceeds Rs 20 lakh, according to PTI.

In a circular, the finance ministry said the tax would be applied on the total amount and not on the amount exceeding Rs 7,500. So, while those who pay a monthly fee of Rs 7,500 need not pay any tax, those who pay Rs 9,000 will be charged 18% on Rs 9,000 and not on the Rs 1,500 excess over the exemption limit.

The ministry said residents’ associations were entitled to take input tax credit of Goods and Services Tax paid by them on capital goods, goods and input services.