Boris Johnson on Wednesday took charge as United Kingdom’s new prime minister, BBC reported. Speaking outside Downing Street, the official residence of British prime ministers, Johnson said the United Kingdom would leave the European Union on October 31 “no ifs, no buts”, adding, “The buck stops with me.”

“The doubters, the doomsters, the gloomsters” who said it could not be done were wrong, Johnson said. The new prime minister further said that he wanted to change Britain for the better.

Johnson also assured that elderly care would be sorted out “once and for all” and investments would be made into transportation and education. “We will fix it once and for all with a clear plan we have prepared to give every older person the dignity and security they deserve,” BBC quoted the prime minister as saying.

The new prime minister listed out several matters that he would work on, such as improving infrastructure and “levelling up” school spending, among other things. He also pledged to boost the country’s biotech and space science sectors, modify the tax rules to provide incentives for investment.

Johnson also spoke about his predecessor Theresa May’s time as prime minister. “I pay tribute to the fortitude and patience of my predecessor and her deep sense of public service,” The Guardian quoted him as saying. “But in spite of all her efforts, it has become clear that there are pessimists at home and abroad who think after three years of indecision that this country has become a prisoner to the old arguments of 2016 and in this home of democracy we are incapable of honouring a democratic mandate.”

Johnson, who was chosen the leader of the Conservative Party on Tuesday, took over from May, who handed over her resignation earlier on Wednesday to Queen Elizabeth II. “This is a country of aspiration and opportunity, and I hope that every young girl who has seen a woman prime minister now knows there are no limits to what she can achieve,” May said in her farewell speech, adding that serving as prime minister had been “the greatest honour”.