A technician from Chennai has been arrested for allegedly duping more than 600 women into sending nude pictures and videos in return for a job in IT firms and hotels, The Indian Express reported on Saturday.

The 35-year-old accused, Clement Raj Chezhiyan, was taken into custody from his Chennai home on Friday, and brought to Hyderabad after a woman filed a complaint. Chezhiyan, who was an employee of an IT company, had allegedly collected details of more than 600 women from job profile sites.

The police said he used to introduce himself as an Human Resources executive of a private IT firm or a hotel, through Whatsapp, to woman aspirants. After a couple of messages about the job, Chezhiyan would switch to a different number and contact the women masquerading as a woman HR. Later, he would ask the aspirants to send their nude pictures and videos.

The police said he would claim that the organisation was very particular about the candidate’s figure as it is a front-office role. Reports said the women hailed from different states like Andhra Pradesh, Telengana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Delhi.

“Clement Raj targeted the women who put their resume on websites seeking a front-office executive job,” Venkatesh Shamala, the Inspector of Police Hyderabad, told The Indian Express. “He will message the aspirants through Whatsapp and after gaining their confidence he will be contacting them through his another number disguising as a woman HR. He would make sure the women get deceived with his talks. After a few days, he would be asking the women to send nude pictures stating the office requires a pleasing personality at the front desk.”

A lady from Cyberabad in Hyderabad lodged a complaint at the Miyapur Police Station in April stating she had been cheated by Chezhiyan.

After investigations, the police found out that a person working in an MNC company in Chennai had been carrying out these activities for more than a year. He is presently lodged in Cheralapathy jail, near Hyderabad.

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