Hurriyat Conference Chairperson Syed Ali Shah Geelani has called on the people of Jammu and Kashmir to resist the Indian government’s actions in the state, IANS reported on Sunday. He accused the government of forcing “demographic change” and “settler colonies” in Kashmir in “violation of all international laws” and United Nations resolutions.

The separatist leader’s remarks on Friday came almost three weeks after the government rescinded special status granted to Jammu and Kashmir under Article 370 of Constitution, and split it into two Union Territories.

Geelani issued a five-point “programme of action” and asked people to organise peaceful protests near their residential areas, Dawn reported. “While doing so, we must remain absolutely disciplined and not give the enemy, who is armed and ready to kill, any excuse whatsoever to hurt our lives and property,” he said. “Each and every person must face the naked Indian brutality with courage. We all can, and must, act according to our abilities; through action or word... It is very important that our demonstrations remain absolutely peaceful so that more and more people are able to join.”

He called on Kashmiri bureaucrats and police officers to “realise that even when they are hand-in-hand in the oppression of their own people, the Indian state does not trust them”. He urged them to “stand up and protest” against the “humiliation” inflicted upon them by the Centre. Geelani said if the Indian Army attacks demonstrators the world will witness its deeds.

The Hurriyat Conference chief added that the abrogation of Kashmir’s special status showed the real “deceitful and brutal” nature of the government. “The rulers from Delhi are drunk on power and arrogance of majoritarianism and they have snatched away all percepts of humanity, ethics and democracy,” he added.

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