India on Sunday expressed strong concern about reports of alleged forced conversions of two non-Muslim girls in Pakistan and asked the neighbouring country for immediate action.

“The civil society [and] the people of India have strongly condemned the recent deplorable incidents of forced abduction, conversion [and] marriage of two Sikh girls in Pakistan,” Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said. “We have reflected these strong concerns with Pakistan and have asked for immediate remedial action.”

In Pakistan’s Punjab province last week, a Sikh girl, said to be 19 years old, was allegedly kidnapped, then forcefully converted to Islam and made to marry a Muslim man, according to her family. The teenager, however, claimed she converted out of choice. A case was filed against six persons, and the government formed a high-level committee to negotiate with a 30-member team formed by the Sikh community.

Another incident was reported from Sindh province on Sunday.

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