Violence continued in Hong Kong on Sunday as the city neared the 14th week of anti-government protests, South China Morning Post reported. The protests are the biggest challenge to Chinese rule in the city since it was handed over by the British in 1997.

On Saturday night, several stations in the city saw violent clashes between the police and protestors. There were reports of multiple confrontations between the police and protestors at the city’s Central subway station on Sunday morning. Protestors smashed the windows on both sides of one of the station’s exits. The protests then spread to the streets of the business district, forcing the police to fire tear-gas shells. There were reports of Hong Kong superstar Aaron Kwok getting caught up in the protests.

Earlier in the day, the demonstrators marched to the United States consulate in an attempt to bring an international spotlight to the political crisis, Al Jazeera reported. They called on American politicians to support their cause, waved US flags and shouted slogans such as “Fight for freedom! Stand with Hong Kong!”

The protestors called on the US to get China to meet their demands, and urged the US Congress to pass a proposed bill expressing support for the demonstrators. “More than 1,000 protestors have been arrested,” 30-year-old Hong Kong resident Jenny Chan told AFP. “We can’t do anything but come out onto the streets, I feel hopeless. I think aside from foreign countries, no one can really help us.”

The protests have continued despite Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam withdrawing an extradition bill that sparked the protests in June and paralysed the city. Last month, Beijing claimed that criminals and agitators were stirring violence, encouraged by foreign powers such as Britain and the United States.

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