The price of milk was more than petrol and diesel in Pakistan on Tuesday, The Express Tribune reported. The prices rose due to increase in demand on the occasion of Muharram.

The cost of one litre of milk touched Rs 140 in Karachi and the Sindh Province. The state media reports said petrol was selling Rs 113 per litre, while diesel was Rs 91 per litre in Pakistan.

Though the official price of milk fixed by the government is Rs 94 per litre and the retail price set by shopkeepers is Rs 110 per litre, shopkeepers sold it at Rs 140 a litre during Ashura, the 10th day of Muharram.

An artificial shortage of milk in the country has been created by traders by limiting the availability. A meeting has been called on Friday to discuss the matter. It will discuss the necessary action to be taken against those responsible for the price rise and shortage of milk.

However, dairy farmers and wholesalers said they supplied milk to retailers at the same rate throughout the year and the rates have not been changed because of Muharram.

Milk is being sold between Rs 120 and Rs 140 across the city of Karachi due to the sharp increase in demand,” a shopkeeper was quoted as saying by IANS. Another resident said he has never in his lifetime seen such an extreme price rise of milk due to Muharram.

Muharram is one of the holiest days in the Islamic calendar. Shia Muslims organise processions to commemorate the martyrdom of Prophet Muhammad’s grandson Imam Husayn in the Battle of Karbala.

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