The Ministry of External Affairs on Thursday said it was important to note how quickly a face-off between Indian and Chinese soldiers along the Pangong Tso lake in Ladakh the day before was resolved. The incident occurred after Chinese troops objected to the presence of their Indian counterparts, who were patrolling the area, PTI reported.

“The matter stands resolved,” said ministry spokesperson Raveesh Kumar. “I think what is important to note is that there are existing mechanisms between India and China to resolve such issues. It is also important to note how quickly the matter got resolved. It means that the mechanisms which exist between India and China are working very well.”

The standoff allegedly started after an altercation on Wednesday morning. Both sides then called reinforcements and the face-off reportedly lasted till late in the evening, said unidentified military officials. The dispute ended after delegation-level talks between the two countries.

“Both sides disengaged fully after delegation-level talks yesterday [Wednesday],” PTI quoted a military official as saying. “This occurs due to differing perceptions of LAC [Line of Actual Control]. There are established mechanisms to resolve such occurrences.”

The incident came a month before Chinese President Xi Jinping is scheduled to visit to India to hold the second informal summit with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

India and China have a 3,488-km long Line of Actual Control between them. The two countries have so far held 21 rounds of talks between special representatives to resolve the boundary dispute.

In August 2017, a video of Indian and Chinese soldiers engaging in a violent altercation in Ladakh had surfaced. The incident occurred on August 15. The soliders came to blows, and it was followed by stone-pelting. The incident occurred in the backdrop of the Doklam stand-off between the two militaries.

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