Members of right-wing group Hindu Sena blackened the signboard for Babar Road in central Delhi on Saturday morning, PTI reported. The group wanted it to be renamed after a “great Indian personality”. The road is named after Mughal emperor Babur.

“We demand that the government rename the road, which is after a foreign invader, to some great Indian personality,” Hindu Sena President Vishnu Gupta told PTI. “Hence, we have blackened the road signage erected by the NDMC.”

Employees of the North Delhi Municipal Corporation later cleaned the board around noon.

This is not the first time right-wing organisations have taken up such demands. In 2018, the signage on Delhi’s Akbar Road was briefly renamed after Rajput king Maharana Pratap. In 2016, then Minister of State for External Affairs VK Singh wrote a letter to the Ministry of Urban Development asking for Akbar Road to be renamed after the Rajput king, but nothing came of it. In 2015, Delhi’s Aurangzeb Road was renamed APJ Abdul Kalam Road.