The Madhya Pradesh Police on Sunday arrested two managers of a private madrasa in Bhopal after they found a student chained to a metallic bench in the institution, ANI reported. The police rescued two boys a 10-year-old and 7-year-old.

Residents had found the 10-year-old sleeping with one of his legs tied to a metal bench with an iron chain, NDTV reported. A small lock dangled from the chain to stop the boy from escaping. The seven-year-old boy was found sleeping near him. The madrasa’s manager told the police that the 10-year-old was chained with the consent of his parents as he often ran away from the institution.

“We got to know that two minors were being mistreated by the administrators of the madrasa,” Assistant Superintendent of Police Sanjay Sahu said. “Childline [employees] approached Ashoka Garden police station, following which a case was registered under Section 75 and 85 of the Juvenile Justice Act.”

The operators of the madrasa, identified as 32-year-old Mohammad Sad and 19-year-old Salman, were arrested and are expected to be produced in court on Monday. Investigation also revealed that the madrasa was not registered with the State Madrasa Board, and was being run under a registered educational society.

The boys were then shifted to the Child Friendly Corner in Bhopal. They will be produced before the district Child Welfare Committee on Monday.

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