The law student, who accused Bharatiya Janata Party leader Chinmayanand of rape, recorded her statement before a magistrate on Monday, PTI reported. The Special Investigation Team, which is investigating the case, brought her to the court in Uttar Pradesh’s Shahjahanpur court amid tight security.

“I have told the magistrate about the rape complaint I gave in New Delhi, my missing spectacles and a chip from the hostel room,” the woman told the news agency. “I also informed about the bedding and liquor bottles, which were removed from Chinmayanand’s room.”

The woman was escorted to the court by over 50 police personnel, NDTV reported. She reportedly spent nearly five hours in the court to record her statement. The SIT is now expected to file a first information report on the basis of the woman’s complaint.

The investigating team also interrogated the former Union minister on Sunday, three days after he was questioned for around seven hours, according to the Hindustan Times. Three men, who were seen in one of the videos with the complainant and the principals of two colleges, were also questioned by the team.

On Sunday, the 23-year-old had claimed that she possessed about 35 videos that will implicate Chinmayanand. The woman said that she used to wear glasses with a hidden camera when she used to be called to the former BJP MP’s residence to give him “a massage”.

The woman had alleged that she was blackmailed with a video of her bathing in her hostel room. “I was then blackmailed to visit Chinmayanand at his residence, where I was raped and another video of mine was made,” she said. “With a threat to make these videos public, I was harassed for about a year till I decided that I had had enough.”

The law student had gone missing soon after she posted a video, on August 24, detailing her ordeal. Although she did not name anyone, her father named Chinmayanand in a missing-person complaint. The Uttar Pradesh Police on August 27 booked Chinmayanand on kidnapping charges. The student was found in Rajasthan on August 30, and produced in Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, an organisation called Chhatra Shakti Sangathan announced a reward of Rs 50 lakh for anyone who chops off the tongue of self-styled godman Omji. They also burnt an effigy of the godman. On Sunday, he had said the law student was similar to a “vish kanya”, according to PTI. Bharatiya Yuva Parishad, another organisation, burnt Chinmayanand’s effigy and called for his arrest.

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