The Bajrang Dal group on Saturday asked organisers of traditional garba and dandiya events in Hyderabad to conduct mandatory checks of Aadhaar cards of those participating in the festivities, PTI reported. In an open letter to the organisers, the Hindutva group said that the entry of non-Hindu youths in the events should be checked.

The group claimed that youth belonging to non-Hindu communities were taking part at the events where they allegedly behaved inappropriately with female participants. “Also, the said miscreants used these events as places to trap innocent girls and thus leading to love jihad cases,” the letter read. The youth also manhandle men who attempt to rescue the women, it added.

Organisers of the event were also asked to not employ “non-Hindu bouncers”. “Also, the event managers are hiring non-Hindu bouncers which seem to be a main cause for these miscreants to enter the events,” ANI quoted S Kailash, Bajrang Dal media convenor, as saying. “Another major lapse is lack of monitoring and control on who enters the events.”

Kailash said that the Hindutva group’s workers will be present at the venues and will take immediate action if any such case is reported. The group also cautioned that it would stop the alleged miscreants from entering the event, which could lead to “disruption of the whole event”.

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