The Union Finance Ministry on Tuesday reported that the gross Goods and Services Tax revenue collection in September was Rs 91,916 crore. This is the lowest revenue collection in 19 months, according to media reports, and it is the second consecutive month the revenue collection failed to cross the Rs 1 lakh-crore threshold.

The collection was 2.67% lower than the GST revenue in September 2018, when the government had collected Rs 94,442 crore. Revenue collected in August 2019 was Rs 98,202 crore.

Of the total collection in September, Rs 16,630 crore was central GST, Rs 22,598 crore was state GST, integrated GST was Rs 45,069 crore and Rs 7,620 crore was through cesses, the government said. “The total number of GSTR 3B Returns filed for the month of August up to 30th September, 2019, is 75.94 lakh,” the ministry said.

“During April-September 2019, vis-à-vis 2018, the domestic component has grown by 7.82% while the GST on imports has shown negative growth and the total collection has grown by 4.90%,” the statement added.

Credit: Union Finance Ministry